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Ours is a young business and we are fully equipped to meet the needs of both consumers and clients. Royal Films Productions is a team of camera operators, Photographers,` Editors, Motions, Still graphic artists, Directors and other members crew. We use best available equipment and experience necessary to offer the best Media Exposure


While we are flexible and accommodate various budgets but we do not compromise on production quality thus offering absolute media services for any event that you may want us to engage for.


Consider us for: 

Wedding Films (Hi-Definition)

Advert Films (30 sec video commercials produced to be broadcasted on TV)


Music Videos (All Kinds of Genre)

3D Films shooting and production

Corporate films (high quality video presentation of businesses, a powerful way to get the company’s message across)

Professional slide show

Documentary Films (Wireless microphones used)

TV serials, Realty shows (Professional Broadcast quality pictures using 3-CCD digital cameras)

Bollywood Films (Steady cam and crane facility available)

Digital Photography (Karizma Album or Magzine album)

Mobile studio lighting with backdrop

Green Screen (croma key shooting)

Live events & special projects

Wedding, Birthday parties coverage

Montages & Portraits

Old videos editing with new songs and effects

VHS to DVD / Blu-ray Disc/Tape to mp3

Old photos designed to new style (Black & White to colored)


All our packages are custom made according to your requirements and budget.


Call in for your quote now.


Phone:+44 (0) 1332607775


Mobile: +44 (0) 7746641253 ; 7988274982